July 29th, 2006 by Keith

Obtain Free WinRAR 3.51 Single User-License – Today’s Offer Only

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WinRAR has been announced the winner for Overall Best Utility for SIAF People’s Choice Award, after Shareware Industry Awards Foundation asked polls from users all over the world to vote for their favourite software.

To appreciate and celebrate the wonderful achievement, WinRAR has decided to offer WinRAR 3.51 single user non-upgradeable version TODAY for FREE!! Starting on Sunday, 30th July 2006, from 00:00 to 24:00 CET, users can access the WinRAR website to obtain their free licensed copy of WinRAR 3.51.

You will need to provide a genuine email address, so that they would be able to send you the license code. So, do not miss out this exceptional offer, by WinRAR. The “WinRAR 3.51 for FREE on Sunday” campaign will start in a few moments, just be patience…

12 Responses to “Obtain Free WinRAR 3.51 Single User-License – Today’s Offer Only”

  1. Admir Alicic Says:

    Great !!!

  2. g Says:

    Due to technical problems this site is offline untill 0:00h (CET) on July 30th, 2006.

    If you wish to purchase a full WinRAR license which gives you all updates and upgrades for free, please use the following link:


  3. lugarin Says:

    WinRar is the best program and i am happy for this step

  4. Goran Antunovic Says:

    Des beliebten und schnellen Komprimierungsprogramm

    Thanks Thanks Thanks

  5. Stipan Says:


  6. Boris Says:

    Hello,there! that is great , you give people nice present! thank you very much!

  7. Boris Says:


  8. Tom Bilandzic Says:


  9. Spaztech Says:

    Sounds Great! Love Free! But the link doesn’t seem to work for me.

  10. Keith Says:

    Due to the high load on the server, with millions of people accessing the website, trying to get their hands on the free license, it is no doubt that the server might be facing some unexpected high loads. Furthermore WinRAR is an extremely popular shareware over the world.

    To bypass the main page, you can try accessing directly into the Registration site. However, there is no guarantee that it will work.

    Well, just hope you are one of the few lucky ones who managed to get onto their server and get your copy of free license. Remember, the offer is only for TODAY

  11. Stihoklepac Says:

    Nice thing somebody is giving somethin for free….only all day long i can’t download free rar …

  12. 刘佳 Says:

    good,i need one!

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