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Pando Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

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Pando plug-in for Outlook

Have you had problem sending large attachments to your contacts? In these days, email attachments are usually limited at 10MB, or at most 20MB. Any attachments size larger than that will not be accepted by the mail server.

However, a beta version of Pando Plug-in for Microsoft® Outlook will be released soon. With this plug-in, users can send large attachment sizes, such as 1GB attachments over your email account. Imagine how impressive this would be.

Currently, participation in this beta testing program is only by invitation only. If you are interested, all you need to do is to enter your email address in this page, and a personal invite will be sent to you.


  • - Microsoft® Outlook 2003
  • - Windows 2000 or higher


  • * Attach files normally – Simply attach files the way you would normally in Outlook. If your attachments exceed a size limit you define, Pando will automatically offer to package them and insert a small .pando file in their place. Your recipient(s) simply open your .pando attachment to start a direct P2P transfer of the large file(s) you attached.
  • * Attach up to 1GB at a time – With Pando you can easily send very large files up to 1GB per email. No compression or website uploads required. Just attach and send.
  • * Email folders! – Want to email an entire folder of documents, presentations, graphics, etc.? Not a problem. Click the Pando button in your Outlook toolbar to easily drag-n-drop folders into any email.
  • * Use your existing email account – You and your recipients use your existing accounts, regardless of your email service provider’s email attachment limits.
  • * Free your inbox and attachment limits – Pando intercepts large file attachments and only emails small (~10K) .pando files. Large file transfers completely bypass email inboxes. You’ll never have to worry about bounced emails or clogged inboxes again.
  • * LAN speed transfers! – Emailing files to someone in the office? Pando automatically detects when senders and recipients are on the same local area network (LAN) and transfers files at blazing-fast LAN speeds directly from computer to computer.

To know how it works, check it out here. Most importantly, this service is available for FREE!!

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