July 28th, 2006 by Keith

Skype for Windows

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The latest version of Skype for Windows has been released.

Skype has made Skype 2.5 easier to install and get connected up to the internet. Furthermore, users will find it easier to pay for the premium features, such as the SkypeOut services. Some of the new features include SMS (short messaging services) functions and the ability to automatically update to major releases of Skype once there is a new release. Hotfixes update can also be configured to be updated automatically.

These are the change log over the previous stable version of

  • * bugfix: Relayed call quality improvements
  • * bugfix: Crash in chat window with unsent text when ESC is held
  • * bugfix: Crash when focusing on the dial pad
  • * bugfix: Crash in video codec
  • * bugfix: Disabled call tab redial when something is typed on address bar
  • * Public API: Added error messages for empty OPEN commands
  • * Public API: BTN_RELEASED NO does not close call tab after failed call
  • * Public API: Cannot move in Contacts during active call with BTN_RELEASED (UP|DOWN)

Skype for Windows can be downloaded here. Builds for other platforms are also available, i.e. Linux or Macintosh.

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