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SuperStorm 1.0 – Hide Your Confidential Documents

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Are you worrried that the confidentiality of your files and folders in your computer may be compromised? Afraid that someone might gain access to your secret files? Well, then you may have to start to get down and ensure you hide your files well such that no one will suspect the existence of your secret file. Fear not, as SuperStorm is able to help you simply your problem.

SuperStorm is a free software, which allows users to hide their confidential files and folders in a wide variety of media files. The original file will be completely removed, after the conversion is done and merged into the media file. The media file will continue to operate as usual, and function as normal.

Acting like an archiving tool, SuperStorm has the capability to preserve and restore back the original form of the file, including file names and dates. The program is equipped with an intuitive user interface that supports drag and drop function, and an optional compact display mode. In addition, SuperStorm does not require any installation and thus, can be used and run from a removable drive, such as USB drive, floppy drive or a CD without setup.

The software employs an encrpytion technique to hide your secret file within the media file. A password can be defined between 8 and 10,000 characters to enforce stronger cryptography against brute-force attack. Superstorm also has recovery function that repairs any potential damaged file within the media file.

Besides as an encryption tool, SuperStorm can also be used to destroy sensitive files on your computers. It works like military wipe, such that information on that particular sector is been written over and over again, so that it is practically impossible to recover any information on that sector.

Available as a freeware edition, SuperStorm can only hide files not more than 200KB in any JPEG image without a password, but it can be used to extract any file hidden using the professional edition (with or without a password). The professional edition has no such file limitation and yet it offers more features.

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