July 21st, 2006 by Keith

SurveillizCam 1.13 Lite

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A good thing about this SurveillizCam software is that it allows you to change your computer into a video capturing device, such as a surveillance system. It has the capability to monitor your home, office and surrounding by automatically detecting motion change and also the capability to record these motion clips into video.

When there is motion detected, the web camera sends the signal to the software to activate the motion video such that it could either send the video over the Internet, or record the video into MPEG1 or MPEG4 format. Furthermore, it could also activate the alarm sound, when supported.

As quoted from the site,

Motion Detection is a ‘must have’ function for surveillance system. In SurveillizCam, you can define multiple regions in any channel for motion detection. By doing this, you can mask some unstabe areas on a video. Moreover, SurveillizCam uses an adaptive algorithm, which makes the detection more stable and reliable.

SurveillizCam Lite is a free license edition of SurveillizCam, that is meant specifically for basic home user. Users are freel to utilise the functions that SurveillizCam Lite provides, and without expiration. As a Lite edition, there are some limitations:

  • - you can only use 1 channel,
  • - you cannot use the scheduler, disk recycle and MPEG4 codec(s),
  • - you cannot connect to SpyCenter

Download SurveillizCam 1.13 Lite.

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