July 15th, 2006 by Keith

Ultimate Boot CD for Windows 3.0

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How many times when things do really happen, and all that we need is just a bootable CD to help us recover our computer system. This is where it comes in handy, Ultimate Boot CD for Windows 3.0 (UBCD4Win) is a bootable CD that contains software applications which can help you to repair, restore and diagnose almost any computer problems that might possible be the cause of your system breakdown.

Included in the UBCD4Win CD are freeware utilities for Windows. Based on Bart’s PE, a Windows pre-installed environment is built in the software, basically is like Microsoft Windows bootable from CD.

UBCD4Win has provided network support, the ability to modify NTFS volumes, recover deleted files, create new NTFS volumes, scan hard disk drives for viruses and almost things you would need to repair your system. The List of Tools page will illustrate a complete list of utilities that is included in the latest versino of UBCD4Win.

Download for Ultimate Boot CD for Windows 3.0, including previous versions, can be located at the mirror sites. Also, you will need to build the CD, and the instructions for building it can be found here.

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