July 2nd, 2006 by Keith

Vanilla 1 – Open Source Discussion Forum

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Are you hosting some forums or going to host a discussion forum on your web server? Well, introducing an open source, standard compliant, multi-lingual, fully extensible discussion forum, the Vanilla 1, which you could download and install on your webserver for free.

Vanilla allow users to quickly see which discussions which have not yet been read, and how many new comments were made in each discussion. Users can run advanced searches through discussion pages, comments and users. Administrators can change the way Vanilla operates using per-user preferences.

Vanilla can run on almost all webservers available. The requirement is as follow:

  • * PHP 4.1 or greater
  • * MySQL 3.23 or greater

Furthermore, Vanilla supports the use of the following popular javascript-enabled web browsers:

  • - Firefox
  • - Internet Explorer
  • - Opera
  • - Safari
  • - Camino

Download Source: Vanilla 1 [375kb].

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