July 16th, 2006 by Keith

Webskape Player 3.0

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Webskape Player

Webskape Player allows you to create and run professional touch screen applications, which are great for kiosks, presenters, POS, product locators, ticket machines, information terminals, internet browsers, self service booking systems, checkins, public maps, museums and even much more. Also, it comes with extensive kiosk management features and uses Microsoft Internet Explorer to display its web content.

Note that, Webskape Player is not a configurable piece of software. It is meant for developers and because it is built using web standards, it is extremely flexible to use. There are few bounds to layout designs, styles and functionality. The player runs applications in a very similar way to an internet browser running a web page.

Webskape Player

Available as a free software, Webskape player can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below.

.NET Framework 2.0

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