July 14th, 2006 by Keith

Yahoo Messengers and Windows Live Messengers Join Forces

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Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger

What has been more welcoming is basically seeing the giants joining forces together to combined an integrated network between two Internet Messaging protocols. Microsoft’s introduction of Windows Liveā„¢ Messenger (previously known as MSN Messenger), together with new Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, is surely a breakthrough in joint communication across rivalling companies.

Users, who has an account with either one of them, are able to communicate across these two networks, such as viewing contact onlines, and sending them instant messages.

Sources has rumoured that in order to communicate across these two networks, a SSL encrypted communication line will be introduced to ensure security and privacy whilst communicating across the Internet. Such cryptography will prevent any plain-text messages from being deciphered even if the packets were sniffed and captured.

Some features includes ability to send offline messages, currently available in Windows Live Messenger, and not in any earlier versions of MSN Messenger. At the moment, the service is only supported in Yahoo’s latest software release, that is only in Windows platform, and Microsoft’s latest Windows Live Messenger.

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