August 16th, 2006 by Keith

Avant Browser 11.0 RC3

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Avant Browser

Since the last post on Avant Browser 11.0, the latest release is now Avant Browser 11.0 RC 3. While most users are familiar with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera, perhaps why not try out something new – the Avant Browser developed by Avant Force.

Known as a fast, stable user-friendly and versatile web browser, Avant Browser itself is a multi-window browser which features several functions including blocking pop-ups, built-in Google search, safe recovery feature, integrated cleaning tools, as well as advanced browsing options, for users to configure to their needs.


  • - Pop-up Stopper: Prevent unwanted pop-ups.
  • - Browsing Options: Available options to block download of pictures, videos, sounds and ActiveX components. These options allow users to use their bandwidth efficiently and speed up page loading.
  • - Multi-Window Browsing: Browse multiple web pages simultaneously. Commands to control all open pages within a single click.
  • - Built-in Google Searching: Built-in search engine, which is powered by Google.
  • - Integrated Cleaner: Maintain your your privacy and easily clean typed addresses, recently opened pages, web page passwords, cookies and temporary Internet files.
  • - Safe Recovery: If Avant Browser is closed abruptly, the last open web pages are saved and will be automatically reloaded at next startup.
  • - Internet Explorer Compatibility: Compatible with all Internet Explorer functions, including Java Script, Cookies, Real player, Media Player, Internet Explorer Favorites, Macromedia Flash and ActiveX Controls.
  • - Easy Using: Includes several shortcuts to improve ease of browsing.

Download Source
Avant Browser 11.0 Beta 8 (link from Softpedia)

2 Responses to “Avant Browser 11.0 RC3”

  1. susan Says:

    Avant is really good. I am using it at home.

  2. Keith Says:

    That’s right. Besides IE, Firefox and Opera, I would consider Avant the next upcoming Internet browser. It’s starting to get quite popular.

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