August 6th, 2006 by Keith

BGEye 2.88 – System Information on your Wallpaper

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Most of the time when users like to check on their system information, they would have to go through a long procedures of running System Information programs, or download compatible system information tools (or utilities) and install them before the information can be seen (or readable). How nice if the information is just always there, existing as a wallpaper? Well, BGEye does it!

BGEye 2.88 is a system information utility that provides detailed information about your system under Windows platform. Instead of running in the form of a program, the results are available in the background. Yes, that’s right, and it appears as your wallpaper. What is more useful is that, BGEye does not require any installation. The application can be run directly off the file, which makes life really simple, avoiding any complication to the system registry.


  • # Desktop wallpaper system information renderer.
  • # Rendered elements optionally include…
    1. * Title Text.
    2. * UserName.
    3. * Local Date and Time (*Always included*).
    4. * ‘Day Of Year’.
    5. * ‘Percent Of Year’.
    6. * ComputerName.
    7. * Computer Uptime.
    8. * Accumulator (Days, Hours and Minutes).
    9. * CPU(s) (Clock Speed (MHz), Model, Manufacturer etc).
    10. * Graphics Devices (Model, Manufacturer etc).
    11. * Audio Devices (Model, Manufacturer etc).
    12. * Network Devices (Model, Manufacturer etc).
    13. * USB Device(s).
    14. * Processes (Total and Maximum).
    15. * RAM (Total, Load and Maximum Load (Load including Page File)).
    16. * Registry (Size and Size Limit).
    17. * Local Disk Drives (Type, Size and Load).
    18. * Remote (Networked) Disk Drives (Type, Size and Load).
  • # Download includes BGEye Suit Editor.
  • # No install required.

Note that BGEye requires specifically DirectX 9.0c and 2nd Generation Graphics Hardware (in another word, you must have a good graphics card), in order to run properly. The software will work only in Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Download BGEye 2.88 Here

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