August 14th, 2006 by Keith

BitPump 1.00 – New BitTorrent Client on the Block

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With the growing BitTorrent technology, one cannot deny that different variations of BitTorrent clients have been springing up from the ground like mushrooms, just like this BitPump 1.00.

BitPump 1.00 is their initial release of BitTorrent client software, and this application is useful for users who want simplicity and ease of use, to quickly download torrent files over the Internet. AnalogX BitPump is about using a simple interface, quick downloading and low memory resources. It also supports several important features, needed to get the most out of torrent files, such as multiple downloads using a single port, advanced seeding methods, providing information in detail about transfer, and even more.

This client software is relatively new in the market, but if you aren’t afraid of adventuring into new releases, go ahead and try it out, the BitPump 1.00.

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BitPump 1.00

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