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Coolest Gadgets Forums – Your Chance to WIN $1000 worth of Gadgets Prizes

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Coolest-Gadgets Forums

This is the first of the many upcoming contests to be held in Coolest-Gadgest Forums, a (sister-)site related to SoftSift. Over the last one year, Coolest Gadgets has managed to grow exponentially in size, capturing the interest of several gadgets lovers, some of which include software developers as well as architectural designers. To commemorate the first year of Coolest Gadgets, a forums has been launched for the demand of many people who, in one way or another, love the existence of this site.

In conjunction of the official launch last Friday, August 18, 2006, the administrator of the Coolest Gadgets Forums also announced the commencement of their first contest, with over $1000 worth of prizes to be given away, including a Wicked Laser*, 8″ LCD TV, a wireless headset and much more.

The winner of the contest will be able to choose an item from the prize list, with the remaining prizes raffled off between the active members who participate in the forum. Read on to see how this works.

Contest Regulations
To win the contest, you MUST be a member of the Coolest Gadgets Forums, holding the most points by the end of September 2006 (GMT Time, just less than 6 weeks from now).

The points are scored in the following fashion:

  • - 1 point – For each quality post you make on the CG forums
  • - 2 points – For each quality new thread you start on the CG forums
  • - 5 points – For each new member that you bring to the forums that make 5 or more posts (they must enter your username as the Referrer when they register)
  • - 5 points – For each link that you place to these forums on another unique site (1 link per site and you may only post links on other sites where you are allowed to do so, NO spamming)

USB Wireless Security Lock

Bendi Board

After the end of the contest, the member with the most points will get to pick one prize from the pool of the prize list. As mentioned earlier on, the remaining prize will then raffled off between the active members where each point is equivalent to 1 raffle ticket. So the more points you get, the better the chance of winning something!!

If there is any queries, do feel free to post your questions here. While the contest has just started only for 3 days, it is still early for anyone to join now, as there are at least 5 more weeks to wrap up your prize!

Alarm Clock

USB Sunglasses

Prize List

  • * Nexus 95mv Wicked Laser courtesy of Wicked Lasers
  • * 2 x Beer Clips thanks to Beer Clip
  • * Solar Powered mobile phone charger thanks to me not checking it was compatible with my phone
  • * Wireless Keyboard thanks to Gizoo
  • * Bluetooth Headphones and Audio Transmitter again thanks to Gizoo
  • * The Gadget Store Brando have very kindly donated the following prizes valued at ~$500 thanks again Brando
  • Walkie-Talkies

    Flexible Piano

  • * Alarm Clock Spy Camera Set
  • * USB Sunglasses with MP3 Player
  • * Pair of Walkie Talkie Watches
  • * Flexable Piano
  • * 5 LED Cap Light
  • * 8″ LCD TV Monitor
  • * USB Thumb Ionizer
  • TV Monitor

    USB Thumb Ioniser

  • * USB Wireless Security Lock
  • * DIY Electric Dice Kit
  • * Light Dependant Door Bell Kit
  • * Bendi Board

More information on the prize list here.

* – The Wicked Laser will only be sent to a member that is 18+ years of age.

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  1. Laser Says:

    Good forum. Thanks for sharing.

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