August 17th, 2006 by Keith

Coolmon 2 Beta 2 – System Monitoring Toolkit

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Don’t be misjudged by the name. This application is truly cool, as the name says it, Coolmon 2 Beta 2! Developed under The Coolmon Project, Coolmon is a freeware program for monitoring vital system statistics and displaying anything else which you may wish to display directly on your Desktop screen of your personal desktop.

Features such as, CPU, RAM, page file usage, hard disk drive usage, system temperatures, fan speeds, network statistics, and more…., can be displayed in the form of graphs, numbers, pie charts, bars, etc.

In addition, the package includes RSS, pictures from webs, clocks, calendars, and plugins which is almost similar to Google Desktop. It allows display and sending of statistics to and from remote machines and also allows publishing of real-time statistics over the Internet on a webpage. Isn’t it awesome?

There are two ways to download the software, that is by online installation and offline installation.

Download Sources
Online Installation
Offline Installation

For more information on the download, check out here.

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