August 13th, 2006 by Keith

HexEdit 2.0 – Hexadecimal File Editor for Macintosh

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Written for Macintosh, HexEdit is a hexadecimal file editor that handles both data and resource forks, and considered as one of the most widely used editor of its kind on the platform. HexEdit 2.0, the latest release, is capable of handling file sizes up to 4GB with ease, yet requires memory capacity of less than 1MB, with coloured switched off. Currently, there are 680×0, PowerPC PEF and PowerPC Mach-O builds, but an x86 build will be coming soon.

Besides editing, HexEdit also compares whole files for similarities or differences, and it will soon be able to do so for any subset within the files. Furthermore, it is an open-source project hosted on SourceForge, thus the source codes are available, if you wish to take a look.

Download the Latest Release
HexEdit 2.0 v2.00

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