August 16th, 2006 by Keith

IP Camera 3.0 – Transform your Webcam to an IP Camera

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IP Camera

Purchasing an IP camera may be quite expensive, however, if you are really interesting to set up an IP camera, why not try IP Camera 3.0?

Running as an NT service, IP Camera is designed to transform your ordinary webcam into an IP Camera (or rather, a network camera). You can use it with Windows Media Services for video and audio recording and streaming, making it a perfect substitute for any expensive IP Camera bought off from the shelf.

Furthermore, as an IP camera, of course it allows remote access to the camera by using a remote player. A Motion JPEG compression version is available, if you require.

In order to render motion JPEG streams, you will need to have a browser or player that supports motion JPEG streaming. In the browser, simply type in the following URL:


where host is the name or IP of the PC where the Motion JPEG Camera is installed, and port is the port number assigned to the camera used for streaming (default port number is 80). For example, you can try

to test the workability of the camera on the PC that is installed with the JPEG Camera.

A trial version has a 15 minutes limitation. Download IP Camera 3.0 trial version here.

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