August 5th, 2006 by Keith

SecretWeb 5.09 – Keep Away Prying Eyes

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While at work or at home, unless you have your own office, or you stay alone by yourself, there is always a possibility that someone might be spying behind your back anytime, wondering what you might be doing. Especially when you are at work, it would be really unethical to do personal stuffs, such as surfing the Internet, and worrying that your boss might just be pissed off and have you fired. Well, if you want to do it, do it smartly!

SecretWeb 5.09 offers you a deceptive interface that looks like an Office suite or program while actually allows you to surf the Internet at the background. The interface has the ability to camourflage sensitive contents while you surf, emails or browse the website. For instance, if someone appears to be standing beside you, you can make it physically disappear and your computer behaves normally as if you are working hard on your job. Well, nothing is more important than your job, when you are at work!

SecretWeb is not just an ordinary browser. There is a set of combination of hotkeys (or rather, Secret Keys) which you can typed to ensure that this “web browser” disappeared on the screen, and not even on the taskbar! A different set of combination of keys will bring back the browser.


  • a. Physically disappear on screen even on the taskbar when you don’t want someone to know what you’re surfing.
  • b. An option to block all advertising pop-ups. Edit ->Allow Pop-ups.
  • c. You can create as many web pages in one Browser instance as your PC memory will handle.
  • d. You set your own Secret Keys so no one knows how to activate or deactivate your SecretWeb browser.
  • e. Cookies, whether you like it or not it’s there. Now you have an ability to inspect what they, websites, put what information in your PC, and it’s up to you to delete or keep them. It displays cookies from Internet Explorer and more.
  • f. Search the net with major search engines.
  • g. FTP client is embedded in the browser for your convenience. Now you don’t have to switch between software to up/download files.
  • h. Database of the last 30 files downloaded and Urls for easy keeping track of what are sitting in your hard drive.
  • i. Set your hotkey to activate Screen Saver immediately.
  • j. Email system supports many foreign languages in Unicode

This program is a freeware and users can download it below:

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