August 1st, 2006 by Keith

Sylpheed 2.2.7 – Lightweight and User-friendly Email Client

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Want something that is lightweight, yet user-friendly email client? Try Sylpheed 2.2.7, a simple and easy-to-use email client (mailer, MUA). It was originally developed to run on Unix-like systems, such as Linux, BSD and Mac OS X. However, the latest version of Sylpheed now supports Windows.

Devloped using GTK+ GUI toolkit by Hiroyuki Yamamoto, the newest version of Sylpheed will thus, works with GTK+ 2.4 or later (2.6 or later is recommended). It is also a free software distributed under the GNU GPL (the library part is GNU LGPL), and users can freely use, modify and redistribute it under the license.


  • * Simple, beautiful, and well-polished user interface
  • * Comfortable operationality which is built in detail
  • * Immediately available with minimal configuration
  • * Lightweight operation
  • * High reliability
  • * Internationalization and Multilingualization support
  • * High-level Japanese processing
  • * Various protocols support
  • * Security features (GnuPG, SSL/TLSv1)
  • * Powerful filtering and search
  • * Junk mail control
  • * Flexible cooperation with external commands

Sylpheed 2.2.7 can be obtained from the Download page.

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