August 7th, 2006 by Keith

System Information for Windows (SIW) 1.63

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System Information for Windows (SIW) 1.63 is a program that analyses and diagnose your computer’s configuration, providing detailed information about your system’s properties and settings, detailed specifications for Central Processing Unit (CPU), motherboard, chipset, BIOS, PCI/AGP, USB, ISA or PnP devices, memory, video card, disk drives, CD or DVD drives, SCSI devices, S.M.A.R.T. information, ports, network cards, printers, operating system, installed programs and hot fixes, processes, services, serial numbers (CD keys), users, open files, system uptime, network, network shares, as well as real-time monitors for CPU, memory, page file usage and network traffic.

Furthermore, it displays currently active network connections, passwords hidden behind asterisks, installed codecs, and more. This applications allow user to create a report file, and also capable of running in batch mode. In another word, it is a standalone application, and does not require any installation. Impressively, users can run it off from a USB flash drive, with no problem.

Platform Supported
Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/Server 2003/Media Center/Tablet PC/Windows 2003 Server R2/Windows Server 2003 x64/Windows XP x64/Vista

Download Source
Both English and multi-language version are available

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