August 6th, 2006 by Keith

Tables 0.16 Beta – Spreadsheet for Mac OS X

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Instead of using Microsoft Excel, Mac users may want to try out Tables 0.16 Beta, a spreadsheet program especially made for Macintosh. With Tables, users can organise data, calculate and compare them easily. Simple usable functions, such as addition, mulitplications are part of the integrated functions within Tables.

Besides representing data by numbers, it can also be formatted into a date or a particular currency value, thus offering extensive options to reproduce your data in a far more efficient way. Users can also make use of Tables to create invoices with attractive visual photos, or reports with professional outlook.

Currently, Tables is under beta development. Users can download the public beta release version below. However, to provide the best possible support, users can opt to buy a license for Tables online by the end of August, using Paypal or credit card, just to say up-to-date with the latest news on Tables

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