August 31st, 2006 by Al

Tablet PC to Plasma via VNC

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vnclogo1.gifI’ve got an interesting problem that I thought was going to need a hardware solution rather than a software one. The company I currently work for wants to at least look “hi-tech” (even though they are in the dark ages somewhat). What I’ve been asked to do is equip the meeting room with a plasma screen and use that to display what is written on a passed around tablet PC.

The main aim is to document software designs (though I’m sure the Plasma will be used to watch the odd sporting event :) ). Okay so what has this post got to do with software, initially I was looking for a wireless VGA transmitter that I could attach to the tablet PC to beam the screen over to the plasma for all to see. Then I got thinking about using a remote desktop type of solution, and came across VNC Ultra SC.

VNC Ultra SC (Single Click) is like regular VNC (which I won’t go into here but it’s a simple (and free) piece of software for viewing and remote controlling PCs) but instead of initiating the connection from the viewer you start it on the server machine. This mean we can have a VNC Viewer permanently running on a media PC that is hooked up to the Plasma and when we want to broadcast the desktop from the tablet PC simply launch VNC Ultra SC on the tablet PC.

I won’t be using them for this but VNCUltra does have some other neat little tricks:
- Create your own version with company logo and colors
- Restrict by IP address where it can connect

More info and availablfe for download over at , I’m now off Plasma shopping :)

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