August 27th, 2006 by Keith

Virtual Hypnotist 5.55 – Interactive Hypnosis Program

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Virtual Hypnotist

Try out a cool stuff to hypnotise your friends! Virtual Hypnotist 5.55 is a free, open source, interactive hypnosis program (which is a re-written program of Hypnotizer 2000). Some of these features include

  • voice recognition,
  • speech synthesis,
  • subliminal messages,
  • completely customisable scripts (featuring a unique scripting language),
  • videos,
  • audio,

Basically, the main purpose of this software is to provide a simulation environment that simulates a real hypnosis session as much as possible. It will be fun to try it out, and see what dirty secrets can be revealed from your friends’ mouth!!

Download Links
Virtual Hypnotist [Full version]
Virtual Hypnotist [Upgrade version] (only for versions 5.0 and newer installed)

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  1. underground hypnosis review Says:

    The trained hypnotherapist must have a good dialogue with the patient. Hypnosis cannot be forced on the patient. The patient must agree to go along with the hypnosis session. Normally the talk between the two will include questions and answers as well as an explanation of what is about to take place.

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