August 16th, 2006 by Keith

WiFi SiStr 1.0.2419.14177 – Check your Wireless Network Signal Strength

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WiFi SiStr

One of the fun applications to experiment with if you have a wireless card and situated within the vicinity of a wireless network, is by checking the available of the wireless signal strength. There are several softwares that allow you to check the signal strength of any wireless networks, such as softwares provided by the wireless cards’ manufacturers, such as Dell, or even from free source softwares from the Internet.

Normally, Microsoft Windows do not provide good statistical readings of the wireless strength, so an alternative is to use WiFi SiStr 1.0.2419.14177. This application is a small wireless network tool that keeps your Wi-Fi signal strength at bay.

Features of the WiFi SiStr

  • · Small display customizable
  • · Windowless
  • · Settings by right-click on the main display
  • · Move by left button drag-n-drop


  • .NET Framework 1.1

Download WiFi SiStr.

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