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Willing Webcam 3.5 – Capture Streaming Video and Snapshots over Webcam

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Willing Webcam

Developed by Willing Software, Willing Webcam 3.5 (and Willing Webcam Lite 3.5) is the latest release of a fully-featured software tool which is capable of capturing steaming video and snapshots, and publish them directly to the website. Motion Control Detection technology is integrated into the software, which is capable of sensing the slightest motion in the room with your web camera.

Upon detection of any motion, the sensor can trigger a variety of actions, including sending emails, recording motion clips, FTP uploading, sound an alarm over the speaker, or launch a specific application. Furthermore, the application also has a time-lapse option which allows users to record video at specific time intervals.

How useful exactly is Willing Webcam? Well, according to the site, it is capable of doing the following:

  • # Live Video Streaming on the Web. With Willing Webcam, you can record your day as live streaming video and share it with your family or friends in real time over the Internet. No matter how far you might be, they can always visit your personal website and see what you are doing. If you are a researcher, you can also add video to your landscape, weather, or astronomy web pages.
  • # Surveillance Device. People who are often out of home can use Willing Webcam to turn a web camera into a digital surveillance device that can detect the slightest motion in your apartment and instantly let you know about an intruder. By watching this video live, you can see what’s going on in your house, call the police, and provide them with the taped evidence of the crime.
  • # Digital Babysitter. Parents can use our software to turn a web camera into an electronic babysitter. Regardless of where you are, you can always make sure your child is fine by watching it via an office computer or a mobile phone with a web browser. The program is also useful in looking after sick, old, or disabled people who may need your help in the next room.

Usually, I would use a webcam for security surveillance more than anything else, though you might have other uses for it too. The application is compatible with most USB-based or FireWire (IEEE 1394) video devices, including capture cards, webcams, camcorders, tv tuners, parallel-port cameras. Surprisingly, it can also work with IP network cameras and supports the pan, tilt, zoom features for Logitech Orbit (Sphere) cameras. The free trial version of Willing Webcam is available for download below, and users can evaluate the software for up to 21 days. Anyway, it costs mere $39.95 for Willing Webcam 3.5, and only $19.95 for the Lite version.

Download Trial versions
Willing Webcam 3.5 [.exe]
Willing Webcam 3.5 [.zip]
Willing Webcam Lite 3.5 [.exe]
Willing Webcam Lite 3.5 [.zip]

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