August 2nd, 2006 by Keith

WordPress 2.0.4 Released

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The latest stable version of WordPress 2.0.4 in the Duke series has finally been released. With growing number of users writing blogs and more blogs everyday, it is starting to become like a plague that takes over the planet within a few blinks of an eye. As one of the most popular content management softwares, it allows user to create blogs and write articles the way you want it to be, just like this site, which you are reading now.

The latest version of WordPress 2.0.4 has been released and is available for download.

This latest release contains several important security fixes, including a large number of bug fixes (at least 50 of them). This version is more of a bug and security fix rather than feature upgrades. WordPress users are recommended to update to this version, which is a pretty solid release.

It fairly easy to upgrade if you are currently using any older version of WordPress. Just simply overwrite your old files with the latest from the download. Once that is done, go to the admin and it will give you a link to update your database. For a more thorough instructions to upgrade your current version of WordPress, the Codex may be what you need.

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  1. Le Blog d'Alex Says:

    Seamlessly upgrade Wordpress

    My blog is set up like this:
    basedir/wp201: all files for WP2.0.1 (now obsolete)
    basedir/wp203: all files for WP2.0.3
    basedir/blog: symlink to wp203 directory

    Apache serves files from directory blog, so upgrade and rollback can easily be made by …

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