August 19th, 2006 by Keith

ZuluPad 0.3.8b – Your Personal Wiki Notepad

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Fed up with your notepad? The latest version of ZuluPad 0.3.8b has been released, since my last post of ZuluPad. This application allows you to jot down class notes, appointments, to-do lists, favorite websites, pretty much anything you can think of. The great thing about ZuluPad is that it combines the best parts of a notepad with the best parts of a wiki, a concept made popular by Wikipedia.

So, why is it considered a Wiki?

Say for instance, you’re a music major, and you’re studying Bach. You’ve taken notes on Bach in ZuluPad, and after a long 16 weeks have finally completed the semester. Sometime after the summer break, you’re taking notes on Beethoven, and your teacher mentions a way in which Beethoven was influenced by Bach. As soon as you type “Bach” into your notes, it’s underlined as a hyperlink. You think to yourself, “oh yeah, I know a few things about Bach”. So you click the link, and you can read all of your Bach notes. While you’re reading your Bach notes, you happen to notice a link to a page about Henry Purcell, and you can refresh your memory about him, too.

ZuluPad is currently available for Windows and Mac OS X, and a Linux port is in the works. The main features are in place, making it a much better “notepad” that you would want to have. There is also a ZuluPad Forum if you want to let your thoughts be known to the community. When ZuluPad development is finished, there will be a free version and a version available for purchase that will include some additional features. More information is available in the forum.

ZuluPad for Windows
ZuluPad for Mac OS X

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