September 30th, 2006 by Keith

Automatix 2 for Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft

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Automatix 2

Automatix is a package especially developed for Ubuntu and Mepis. While the former is currently on the verge of releasing the next cutting-edge operating system of Ubuntu Edgy Eft next month, users are also keeping a lookout for Automatix, a graphical interface application for installing of the most commonly requested application, such as Macromedia Flash.

Well, the Automatix Testing version for Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft is now available for download. Do note that these testing versions are not recommended on production machine. Some of the changes are as follow:

Changes from Dapper:

  • * Removed Gaim 2.0-beta3, updated Rhythmbox install
  • * Removed Swiftfox and Swiftfox plugins because Swiftfox 2.0 isn’t available yet.
  • * Added Gaim Extras option (Addons and plugins to extend the functionality of Gaim)

Changes in Test2

  • * Updated skype to 1.3 beta
  • * Switched listen package to the one from the ubuntu repos

Changes in Test3

  • * Fixed Gaim Extras

Changes in Test4* Disabled FrostWire since its incompatible with Edgy

  • * Updated Gizmo to version
  • * Added Slab from Ubuntu Repos
  • * Removed the /usr/lib32/libesd.0.1 check in Flash Plugin installation

One of the known bugs is that the DVD Rip does not launch when selected from the menu.

Download the latest build:
Automatix 2

2 Responses to “Automatix 2 for Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft”

  1. Jorge Sampayo Says:

    Changes in Test4* Disabled FrostWire since its incompatible with Edgy??!!

    But actually I have frostwire in my Edgy 6.10!

    ItÅ› compatible, the only thing is that you need to modify the file “/usr/lib/” with vi
    -replace the first line with “#!/bin/bash” without the “”
    save and close the file
    Then open with vi or what do you use “/usr/bin/frostwire”
    -and replace the complete file for:

    cd /usr/lib/frostwire

    and thats all, the only problem was “bash” because frostwire was using sh…
    well this worked for me

  2. mattias Says:

    cheers for that mate!

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