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DVD Shrink – FREE DVD Ripping and Backup Utility

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DVD Shrink

Some softwares are worth paying for, but others don’t. However, some quality applications are even offered for free to users, just exactly what DVD Shrink is doing. The application is used to backup DVD discs, or rather, it has the capability to rip data from DVD discs. In addition, users can use this software in conjunction with other DVD burning softwares, such as NERO Burning ROM, to make backup of any DVD video disc.

As the name suggest, it is meant to rip data from DVD, not burn data to DVD discs. Data retrieved from the DVD disc is saved as files on your hard disk drive, which can be burnt onto a DVD-R disc using your preferred choice of burning application.

There are several reasons why users should use DVD Shrink…

First of all, unlike VCD discs, almost all DVD video discs are encrypted and designed to prevent users from making copies of it. Thus, by using DVD Shrink, with its built-in decryption algorithm, it has the capability to decipher the key and allow users to copy the content from the DVD onto your hard disk drive.

Secondly, files in DVD discs, particularly video files, are uncompressed, and they don’t take up the entire 4.7GB of the DVD disc. With DVD Shrink, it compresses the data from the original DVD thus reducing the file size of the content in the DVD. With a smaller file size, users can burn more contents onto an alternative (new) empty DVD-R disc. DVD Shrink provides two ways of compression; either by re-authoring or re-encoding, or even both for maximum storage.

Finally, the third reason for using DVD Shrink is that, it’s FREE! Unless you are a Linux users, which most of the time try to compile source codes or download packages, then Windows softwares that allow you to rip DVD are generally not free.

System Platform – Windows 9x/2000/XP

As DVD Shrink is freeware, and it is against the U.S. laws to host the software. However, you may try your luck to get your own copy by searching it using a search engine, i.e. Google.

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