September 16th, 2006 by Keith

Hurricane Personal Firewall 2.4.0 Free Edition

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Hurricane Personal Firewall

Security is one of most fundamental issue in today’s Internet communication to keep systems safe from hackers. Practically, it is almost imminent to find every systems that shipped to your home, equipped with Firewall program, such as Norton Firewall, or even Windows Firewall that exists with Windows XP Service Pack 2. Besides, these users can also choose to use firewall applications that are powerful, yet free, e.g., the Hurricane Personal Firewall 2.4.0.

Hurricanesoft Personal Firewall is a security software to protect your PC against trojans, hackers and viruses. This software protects your PC, while you’re on the internet. It has very useful security functions that allows you to hide your IP address and block unwanted intrusion attacks.

In addition, Hurrican Personal Firewall monitors all data transfers through graphical interface, and also display speed of all possible transmission, such as upload, download and average readings. If you think that’s not enough, it also monitors programs that connects to the Internet, including email accounts. Users can configure the application to restrict the outbound and inbound traffic of these applications.

Last but not least, it is available for free. So, it is time to do away with expensive subscriptions and ensure your system is professionally and well-protected against potential attacks.

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Hurricane Personal Firewall 2.4.0 Free Edition

4 Responses to “Hurricane Personal Firewall 2.4.0 Free Edition”

  1. Darryl Clarke Says:

    This firewall sucks it took over my pc
    couldnt reboot or shut down without shutting it down. screen saver wouldnt come up.
    When i uninstalled it from add/remove programs it still camer up everytime I rebooted.
    went to the registry and took out all the program entries I could find. Still came up.
    had to do a system restore and waste 3 hours downloading my programs again.
    Never use this. Never download it. Its a crappy way for a company to hook themselves to your pc.

  2. Keith Says:

    Personally, the best firewall solution so far I have used is ZoneAlarm. Hope that will help you in your search for better firewall.

  3. texaschickeee Says:

    I had the same problem as Darryl. This product is very destructive and is bedded deep into the computer.

    This is not protection, this is an invasion.

  4. Jamed Says:

    Someone please tell mr how to get Hurricane Personal Firewall off my computer? thank in advance.

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