September 24th, 2006 by Keith

IE Tab – Run Microsoft Update in Firefox

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IE Tab

Check out this excellent plug-in for Mozilla Firefox. Many people thought Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer are competitors against one another. There are sites where only Internet Explorer is supported and not Firefox (or Opera), such as Windows Update.

However, things are beginning to show sign of more integration and cross-platform compatibility. IE Tab is a Firefox extension which makes it possible to embed its rival, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer engine within Mozilla Firefox. This is, however, an excellent piece of tool for web developers, since users can view how web pages are displayed in Internet Explorer, without having to switch to using Internet Explorer. Users can then switch back to Firefox once they are done with Internet Explorer tab.

Check out the image on the right, if you don’t believe what you read.

Note that, this extension has been derived from the infamous extension IE View, but both of them are very different in nature. While the former always open IE-only pages in newly launched windows of Internet Explorer, the latter (IE Tab) actually opens them in tabs of Mozilla Firefox.

New Features

  • - Supports show Progress Meter on statusbar.
  • - Supports show SSL SecureLock icon.
  • - Fix the bug when input ENTER key in textarea jumps 2 lines.
  • - Fix the conflict with firefox 2.0 RSS feeds UI.
  • - Fix the conflict with other extensions that control Stop/Reload buttons.
  • - Fix the conflict with TabMixPlus, the TabbarMenu does not show IETAB menuitems.
  • - Fix the External Application path cannot include Unicode characters.
  • - Add IETAB toolbar button hover/active icons.
  • - Some minor bugs fixed.

Latest Change Log

  • - Supports SeaMonkey.
  • - Fix the address bar display problems.
  • - Fix the problem when user add URLs to bookmark.
  • - Fix the bug when web page exists an object’s ID equals ‘IETab’.
  • - Fix the site filter minor bug.
  • - Fix the close window javascript code does not work.
  • - Some minor bugs fixed.

Download Link
Download the latest release of IE Tab

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