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KOffice 1.6 Beta – by The KDE Project

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KOffice is an integrated office suite for KDE which utilises free and open standards for its document formats, component communication and component embedding. News from DesktopLinux has alerted me about the latest release by the KDE Project – KOffice 1.6 Beta 1.

This release incorporates a number of new features, mainly from the Google Summer of Code projects, as well as a great number of bug fixes. KDE developers have encouraged anyone who is interested in KOffice, to install and test out this versino, to ensure high quality in the final release of version 1.6.

Two main projects were integrated into KOffice 1.6 Beta,

  • * Emanuele Tamponi: A bezier curve tool with stroking using brushes and a new outline selection tool for Krita.
  • * Alfredo Beaumont: Major improvements to OpenDocument support for KFormula.

Other applications that are worth noticing are tools for perspective drawing in Krita, new filters in Krita, great speed improvements in KSpread, Kugar Designer works again and countless improvements in Kexi.

As listed by, these are the improvements over the previous version 1.5,

  • # Kexi (Database application) — Further enhancements in the database connectivity library; in Table Designer (schema altering without removing table contents, “image” data type); data aware combo boxes (drop-down lists; and data-aware “Image Box” widget in Forms and Table View
  • # Krita (Pixel based graphics editor) – New filters has been added (random noise, random pick, lens correction, filters from krita-plugins); new tool for drawing bezier curves, magnetic selection, perspective transformation and healing has been added
  • # Kugar (Reporting tool) – Kugar’s templates are now visible in the startup dialog
  • # KPlato (Project management tool) — Added PERT calculation for estimated value based on optimistic, expected and pessimistic value
  • # KFormula (Mathematical formula editor) — OpenDocument and MathML are now native format; OpenDocument is now the default file format, and most of the standard is now supported

Also included in the KOffice are some robust embeddable objects:

  • * business quality reporting software (Kugar)
  • * full-featured charting engine (KChart)
  • * mathematical formula handling (KFormula)

As a sub-branch of KDE, a powerful and easy-to-use popular desktop for Linux and other UNIXes, KOffice is available as a free office suite software to provide complete desktop and productivity environment for Linux/UNIX. KOffice and all its components (including KDE) are available for free under Open Source licenses from the KDE http and ftp mirrors. The full release annoucement can be found here.

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