September 29th, 2006 by Keith

Nscrypt 1.5 – Encryption Utility

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Oh, another encrytion tool. NSCRYPT 1.5 is developed by Nisse. This application is worthwhile mentioning because of its extremely powerful encryption algorithm embedded within the utility, and not because it’s the latest release.

Despite available as a freeware, NSCRYPT is a powerful encryption software which allows really HUGE encryption keys, which means it takes an awful long time even for hackers trying to crack open any nscrypted files. This goes the same for someone using a super computer; the time taken to crack this algorithm would literally be very long, years perhaps.

The reason lies in the fundamental that this encryption utility is built on top of a 1024-bit encryption key. Supporting only Windows system, this utility can be integrated into Explorer and most of the Windows 32-bit programs.

Basically, to break the code, it depends on the encryption key used. As the original download will have a default encryption key, a reasonable fee will give you a choice to having your own unique encryption key, totally different from any other NSCRYPT user. Nonetheless, this is definitely a huge bargain for a small price.

Download Link:
NSCRYPT 1.5 (Windows version)

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