September 4th, 2006 by Keith

Pando Beta – Send any size file to anyone for free!

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I know it has been slightly slow in this blog over the past few days, but hopefully everything will return to normal again. In this post, I will introduce you about Pando Beta, which allows you to send and receive large file size to anyone for free, using your existing email account.


  • - Bypasses email attachment limits
  • - Opens .pando attachments emailed to you
  • - Accelerates downloads of huge files and folders
  • - Uses your existing email address
  • - Drag, drop and send entire folders
  • - Sends small .pando attachments, never clogs inboxes
  • - Easy: No web uploads or compression, just send via email!

The application supports both Windows and Mac OS X platform. Users can download Pando Beta from this link.

Furthermore, there is 100% no spyware and no adware!

There is also a Pando blog site created for Pando. Up till mid of last month, Pando has already over 1 million users worldwide.

Note: *Beta currently limited to 1GB per email.

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