September 28th, 2006 by Keith

Photobie 2.8.4 – Free Photo Editing Software

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Photobie Katie

The image on the right tells it all. If you want a photo editing software; first of all, don’t jump into the wagon immediately and start splurging on expensive photo editing softwares. In most cases, you’ll probably find some excellent photo editing applications over the Internet for FREE. No, not pirated copies, but truly available free for download, just like Photobie 2.8.4.

The latest version of Photobie even supports Photoshop filter plugins. This also means you have found another attractive way to enjoy filtering plugins without having to use expensive Photoshop softwares. Photobie is a free image editing application with multilayer support, and fully customised to meet the task of photo editing.

It is featured with advanced screen capture tools, simpliest gif animation tool and photo framing tool. Furthermore, Photobie provides an image diectory browser with batch resize/rotate, full screen slide show features.

The image on the right just illustrates how useful Photobie is to edit your images (Click image to enlarge).

It supports the following image formats:

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  1. ed Says:

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    wherein you can find the basic software that you can use to edit your photos.

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