September 13th, 2006 by Keith

Skype for Windows Beta

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The 2.6 Beta version of Skype for Windows are releasing very quickly. Just shortly after the beta version for Skype for Windows was released, the site once again announced the next release of the new beta version, Skype for Windows.

Some of the new cool features to appear in version 2.6 includes the ability to click and call any ordinary phone number from any website (This requires the plugins for Internet Explorer, which is bundled within the installation package). Also, it allows users to find and join Skypecasts using the Live tab, and share your favorite links in mood message.

These are the change log over the previous beta version:

  • * feature: Improved Outlook Contact Number Formatting
  • * change: E-mail entry made mandatory on registartion
  • * change: updated IE and FF blugins
  • * change: Options: Make “Let Skype adjust my sound settings” toggle Automatic Gain Control on and off
  • * bugfix: Help, FAQ links doesn’t work when default browser is not set
  • * bugfix: Quickfilter highlight was misplaced if name contained pipe
  • * bugfix: Item “find/change skype name” worked with russian language incorrectly
  • * bugfix: SMS: Pasting long texts into SMS entry field misbehaved
  • * bugfix: EULA could not be read in russian
  • * bugfix: Installer: IE add-on files were installed to wrong directory

Skype for Windows Beta can be downloaded here. Builds for other platforms are also available, i.e. Linux or Macintosh.

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