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WordPress Gallery Plugin

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Gallery Plugin
We designed the WordPress gallery plugin to make it easy for a blog visitor to see a visual summary of all the latest posts. The idea is to help your visitors navigate as well as providing more internal linking which can help with search engine rankings.

Upon request the plugin will generate a new post that contains images and links to your most recent posts. The images are properly scaled thumbnails, which look better than just scaling using HTML and are also much smaller and faster to download. The generated post is saved as a draft so that you can edit it before publishing if so desired.

Version History

  • 1.3 – April 18, 2007
  • 1.2 – February 7, 2006
  • 1.0 – Initial Release

Change Log
Version 1.3 – Download

  1. Changed the image quality for png from 100 to 9, this should work with all PHP versions

Version 1.2 – Download

  1. Tested to ensure it works with WordPress version 2.1
  2. Added support for non CURL installations
  3. Added debug mode to help with diagnostics

Version 1.0

  1. At this time the gallery plugin has only been tested with version 2.04 of WordPress. You are more than welcome to try it with earlier (or later) versions, if you experience any problems please post a comment here (with a valid email address) and we’ll try to help you out.


  1. Download
    and unzip the 3 source files: st-thumbnail-creation.php, st-thumbnail-summary-options.php and st-thumbnail-summary.php
  2. Upload all files to your plugin directory
  3. Log in to your WordPress Admin Screen and go to Plugins, find Thumbnail Summary and activate it
  4. That’s it.

Usage Instructions

  1. In order to generate a thumbnail summary log in to your WordPress Admin Screen and go to Write, next to Write Post and Write Page you should now see Write Thumbnail Summary, click this.
  2. On the Create Thumbnail Summary Page ensure that the options are correct, set the post title to what ever you choose and click Create Post and OK to confirm.
  3. The thumbnails and post should now be created and saved as Draft (so not visible on the blog yet). In order to publish the post you will need to edit it (either via the link at the bottom of the screen or go to Write Post and choose the latest draft) and click Publish.


  • You can change various options to make the thumbnails fit in with your blog. All available options can be found on the Options -> Thumbnail Summary page. All options are explained on that screen so I won’t repeat myself here.

Usage Examples
You can see the thumbnail summary in use at:

  1. Coolest Gadgets
  2. Here on SoftSift

If you use it on your site, let us know and we’ll add a link to you to this list.

Any questions or suggestions please leave a comment here and we’ll do our best to help you out.

27 Responses to “WordPress Gallery Plugin”

  1. Mathematical Tools and Programming Languages » WordPress Gallery Plugin - developed by Al Carlton Says:

    [...] As a programmer by nature, he has also developed a WordPress Gallery Plugin for some of his blog sites. To avoid confusion, there is also another kind of WordPress Gallery plugin in the World Wide Web (WWW), however though the naming is the same, their functionalities are different. Not sure if Al may consider changing the name of his plugin, but the tool that he’s developed is excellent. [...]

  2. Link proposti da Sante - 2006-10-04 Says:

    [...] Wordpress Gallery plug in Crea l’anteprima degli ultimi post del blog [...]

  3. Guy Says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to use this plugin on a site I’ve been doing , but it doesn’t create the thumbnails or the correct url to the thumbnail- I’ve followed the instructions to the letter, but it comes up with code like this:

    Ref: A8 - Beach Apartment, Empuriabrava

    as you can see it is not filling in the ‘img src’ url and a check of the wp-content/uploads folder shows that the thumbnails are not being created either- all of the posts on the site have an image, but the gallery is just showing up with the titles and no images. I’m probably missing something really obvious, but if you could point me in the right direction I’d be grateful as this looks like a very useful plugin.

    thanks in advance


  4. Guy Says:

    sorry, it didn’t show the code properly in the above example, it should have been this:

    Ref: A8 - Beach Apartment, Empuriabrava

  5. Guy Says:

    i want to post code so i am enclosing it between and tags, and it’s just showing it as a normal url! aaaagggghhhh! please just email me if you can help. thanks

  6. Keith Says:

    Hi Guy,
    We’ll try to look at the problem for you. Meanwhile, Al is currently away for a while, hopefully he’ll back soon. We’ll get in touch with you via email.


  7. byjov Says:

    Bonjour, i have the same problem than Guy. The directory was’nt good. My fold isn’t “wp-content/uploads” but “wp-content/uploads/2006/etc.

    Sorry for my english. Yes i’m french ;)

  8. Rod Says:

    It’s perfect … but.

    1. no tables if possible (only CSS and FLOAT …)
    2. an option to choose this vision of last post on a category … example ? Perfect for … your plugin would be perfect for this.
    3. and … why not … show last post of xxx categories on the sidebar with for exaample … show the 10 last articles from categories 5, 4 and 3 …

    A dream ?

  9. Al Says:

    I’ve emailed everybody that has reported a problem and will try to get to the bottom of this. I think I know what the problem is related to how different WP versions store paths in the database so I’ll also work on a version that copes with the differences. If anybody is having problems and has not received an email from me then leave a comment here.

  10. Al Says:

    New version has been uploaded that will hopefully cope with the problems reported so far (if not please let me know here).

    1. Great idea though when ever I use CSS and float for the thumbnails I find it can mess up existing layouts, any ideas?
    2. Could you explain a bit more what you mean by that
    3. I have plans for a plugin like thing that will do just that :)

  11. rena Says:

    Because my wordpress is v2.0.2 ,i can not use it . and ,thx u!

  12. byjov Says:

    hi Al,
    All is ok with the new version !
    thanks for your help

  13. PRiMoZ Says:

    When I like to create new page i’m receiving error: “Cannot load st-thumbnail-creation.php.”

  14. New Feature: Gadget Thumbnail Summary! | Cutie Gadget Says:

    [...] Gadget. Yep, I finally know how to create it, thanks for Al, the man behind Coolest Gadgets and Soft sift who create this really nice software. The plugin Works fine in Cutie Gadget, although it’s [...]

  15. Dan @ Says:

    Got a couple of suggestions:

    1) Ability to specify a date range from which the posts are generated. e.g. a summary for a particular month. (Very desirable for me)
    2) Add code to deal with post titles that contain a quote (e.g. ‘) to strip out the slashes.
    3) Redirect to the page displaying the post in edit mode, rather than just link to it.

    Very nice. :)

  16. SBT Says:

    Hi- have a problem where changing the settings in the app dosent make a difference to the thumbnails. Also the thumbs are stuck at 100px in the gallery. Do you know what we’re doing wrong – need help!


  17. SoftSift’s 1000th Post! » SoftSift Says:

    [...] of the most significant contributions is the release of the WordPress Thumbnail Summary plugin, which has served a lot of websites to help improve search engine ranking as well as improve [...]

  18. Sergio Says:

    Hi Al,

    I wonder if your plugin can do something similar to the following example: Take a look to Archivos and to the bottom of the page (the last post).

    If your plugin or other plugin can do the same, can hoy help me with information?



  19. tom Says:

    In Wordpress 2.8.2 when I try to access st-thumbnail-summary-options.php from the settings tab in the admin interface I get the error “you do not have proper permissions to access this page”

    is there a chance we can get fix so that the plugin works with latest wordpress ?

    apparently it has to do with security issue. maybe this plugin is not up to date with latest security coding required of plugins for wordpress 2.8 and higher?

  20. Keith Says:

    Hi Tom, there is definitely a security patch introduced by the latest version of WordPress 2.8.1 that actually stops the plugin from accessing the admin menu.

    Our developers are trying to fix this, hopefully in a few days’ time.

  21. Ryan Says:

    I get this error when i try to access st-thumbnail-summary-options.php from the settings tab in the admin interface and im using WordPress version 2.6.3.

    “Thumbnail Summary” link inside setting tab is: http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/st-thumbnail-summary-options.php

    Object not found!

    The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.

    If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

  22. Darco Says:

    I agree with Dan’s suggestions and also want to suggest mine: the ability to display x number of posts from one or more categories! Keep up the good work!

  23. Quang Ly Says:

    I upgraded WordPress 2.8.2

    When I try to create a summary post, I get You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

  24. Quang Says:

    Do you know when there will be a fix for “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”? Thanks

  25. venkatS Says:

    I upgraded WordPress 2.8..1

    When I try to create a summary post in admin panel, I get this error “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

  26. cowy Says:

    I also get the same problem “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”
    How can I fix it? I really loves your plugin and it increase SEO effects

  27. Quang Ly Says:

    Does anyone work here? All I hear are crickets. LOL. Anyword on the Thumbnail plugin permission update?

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