October 23rd, 2006 by Keith

Add-Ons for Internet Explorer 7

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Add-ons IE 7

For web browsers, if you talk about plug-ins or add add-ons, most of the time you would refer to Mozilla Firefox, and perhaps Opera somtimes, but never Microsoft Internet Explorer. However, with the release official release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft has launched an surprise news to the public that there are add-ons available for Internet Explorer 7! You have to check out those Add-Ons for Internet Explorer.

Microsoft has organised the Add-ons into 4 different categories; Security, Time Savers, Browsers and Entertainment. The following are what’s available under these categories:


  1. Online Protection
  2. Parental Control
  3. Pop-up Blockers
  4. Privacy

Time Savers

  1. Auto-fill Forms
  2. Bookmark Managers
  3. Business Tools
  4. Developer Tools
  5. Download Managers
  6. Tools and Utilities
  7. Web Feeds


  1. Offline Browsers
  2. Other Browsers


  1. Animation (Flash) Players
  2. Design Tools
  3. Digital Photography
  4. Music and Audio Players
  5. Video Players

With so many add-ons offered at Microsoft, you cannot denied that it is really tempting to try them out. So, check out those Add-Ons for IE today!

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