October 13th, 2006 by Keith

BloGTK 1.1 – Weblog Client for Linux

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How many of you reading this post right now is a blogger? Chances are you’re likely to be a blogger yourself. So, when you write post, most of the time, you’ll log in to the panel and write from site. However, how easy would it be if you could compose your post offline and then finalise them and publish them to your blog site, especially if your blog supports XML-RPC functionalities.

There are several so-called Weblog clients available, and one of them I’m going to introduce is BloGTK 1.1, a Weblog client for Linux. Developed by Jay Reding, his latest version 1.1 is last dated on January 11, 2005. Sounds like an old software, but in fact it works pretty fine in Linux, particularly on Ubuntu machine, which I have run it myself.

What exactly is a BloGTK? In simplicity, it is a weblog client that allows users to post your posts from Linux without the need of a browser windows. This application also allows users to connect to as many weblog systems, i.e., Blogger API, MovableType API, and more. WordPress generally supports at least one of these API, and so it is very easy and simple to use. Just compose and publish. BloGTK is written in Python and PyGTK, thus is designed to be a relatively fast program. Also, released under the BSD license, it is an open source software, thus users can download it and use for free completely.

Some of the advantages of using BloGTK, if posting to WordPress is that, BloGTK allows users to select the category that the post will be published to. Some may experience images not being able to upload, but that is quite common in most cases. Nonetheless, it provides an offline solution to write posts without having to access the Internet. A good way for publishing articles, once you have access to Internet, just click Publish.

Download Link:
BloGTK 1.1

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