October 2nd, 2006 by Keith

GSpace 0.5.1 Released – GMail File Space

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Since my past review on GSpace, the next version of GSpace 0.5.1 has been released. If you have heard of GMail Drive, then you will find GSpace very similar to that, but far more powerful than the former.

GSpace extension allows users to use the 2GB allocated GMail Space for file storage, treating the GMail server as though it is a remote FTP server. What’s impressive here is that, it is capable of uploading files that are greater than 10MB in size! The system works in a way whereby the Firefox add-on plugin has the capability to dissemble any file greater than 10MB into small chunks and upload them by pieces. However, the application has the capability to view these chunks as a single file, so you won’t feel confused.

After installation, there will be an option “GSpace” appearing in the Tools menu, which you can click on to open a window to transfer your folder or file. Given your GMail account username and password, you will be able to sign in and log on to the remote host. The remote view should indicate “gs:/” in the textbox, and will be empty since there are no files uploaded yet. In addition, there is a small GSpace icon at the bottom right of the Firefox browser, the same place you’ll find Google Notebook icon. User can right-click on that icon to provide a faster access to GSpace interface.

New Features

  • Thumbnail Support : Added thumbnail support in the PhotoMode.
  • Improved Interface :
    1. Provides a “Drag-drop” panel that opens when you click on the icon in the status bar.
    2. Provided options “Make Readonly” and “Make Writable” for a directory which greatly increases the speed. Note, you cannot add, modify, delete files/folders in “Readonly mode”. Readonly helps only in faster opening of the folder and viewing the files.
    3. Added progress meters while uploading and downloading for better visualization.
  • Gspace Account Manager: Now you can store multiple usernames and passwords in the system.
  • 3 Modes of Operation:
    1. File Transfer Mode : Now you can preview NEWLY UPLOADED .txt, .html, .pdf files directly by right-clicking and selecting Preview. Previews are opened in a new window.
    2. Player Mode: In this mode you can directly listen to the music files (.mp3 files) stored in GSpace.
    3. Photo Mode: In this mode you can directly view the photos stored in GSpace just by selecting them. There is no need to download the photos to view them.
  • Preferences: Added couple of preferences. Now, if you download Split files explicitly via Gmail and want to join them, you can do so by giving the first “_gs1″ file and click Join button. This should be unnecessary if you download it via Gspace as Gspace automatically joins them. There is also other preference where users with slow network connection can disable properties when a file is selected.

In GSpace, there is a button called “Filter” which filters the filees based on the filesize, when enabled, it only shows files that are less than 10MB in size, as according to the maximum attachment size in GMail. All other buttons are pretty straightforward, as the tooltips will describe the functions of each buttons.

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