October 7th, 2006 by Keith

IceWeasel – GNU Version of Firefox

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As Gnuzilla is the GNU version of the Mozilla Suite, then IceWeasel is the GNU version of the Firefox browser. Remember the time before Firefox came into the market, no other browsers were thought to be capable of catching up with Microsoft Internet Explorer’s dominanting pie of the browser industry; Firefox proved that wrong.

Now with Firefox and Internet Explorer leading the charge, IceWeasel has jump onto the wagon to play the catch-up role. IceWeasel is entirely a free software, and the binaries that they released also include additional non-free software. Furthermore, they distribute non-free softwares as plugins, thus making IceWeasel keeping the triple licensing used by Firefox, to facilitate the reuse of source codes.

Features (Enhanced Privacy Protection):

  1. Some sites refer to zero-size images on other hosts to keep track of cookies. When IceWeasel detects this mechanism it blocks cookies from the site hosting the zero-length image file. (It is possible to re-enable such a site by removing it from the blocked hosts list.)
  2. Other sites rewrite the host name in links redirecting the user to another site, mainly to “spy” on clicks. When this behavior is detected, IceWeasel shows a message alerting the user.

The first release for of IceWeasel is targeted at GNU/Linux operating systems, running on 32-bit x86 architecture (machines). Unfortuntely, Windows users may have to wait a little longer while this software gets mature. The source codes are also available for download. Check them out at the GNU mirror or ftp.gnu.org.

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