October 5th, 2006 by Keith

jEdit 4.3 pre 7 – Programmer’s Text Editor

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Writing good codes is very important for programmers, and particularly what they need is a software, or a text editor, that allows them to write good and optimised codes. There are various different types of text editors, and one of them is jEdit 4.3.

As a mature programmer’s text editor, jEdit is built on strong foundation during its development stage to ensure it is stable and efficient. Also, it is a free software, provided with full source code, released under the terms of GNU GPL (General Public License).

It is very easy to use, and no wonder it beats several other expensive softwares. The setup is fairly straightforward and quick.

Note that, Java 2 version 1.5 or later is recommended for all versions of jEdit. Just ensure that you have a compatible Java virtual machine before installing jEdit.

jEdit 4.3 can be downloaded here.

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