October 14th, 2006 by Keith

MediaCoder 0.5.1 Pre-Release

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There are so many free audio and video codecs available in the Internet, but how many people do realise they are there? The reason that most of us don’t realise their existence is because of the hugely publicised non-free (commercial) products. Well, for once, at least, I hope this SoftSift site do brings you some awareness about the free (and latest) software in the market.

MediaCoder, is one such free universal audio and video batch transcoder. It has a lot of excellent audio and video codecs and tools enclosed in one package, all from the open source community, and capable of transcoding among different audio and video formats with many of these extra features in this package. Since my last post for this application, the next version of MediaCoder 0.5.1-pre-release has been announced.


  • * Converts among many audio and video compression formats and re-mux into various container formats, on the fly, in batches
  • * Give you the control over all the parameters of your converted file
  • * A flexible device plug-in infrastructure brings specific interfaces for specific devices
  • * No need to install any media player, filter or codec, no registration of any components into your system – it simply doesn’t touch your system

Possible Applications

  • * Improving compression / reducing file size
  • * Converting for audio/video portable devices (digital audio player, MP4 player, mobile phone, PDA, PSP, VCD/DVD player etc.)
  • * Extracting audio tracks from video files
  • * Ripping audio/video discs


  • * Windows Operating System
  • * A fast CPU if you want a reasonable speed when transcoding videos

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