October 4th, 2006 by Keith

MemTest 3.5 – Free Utility to Test your System Memory

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Runs under all Windows operating system, MemTest 3.5 is the latest release by HCI Design to evaluate the ability of the computer’s memory to store and retrieve data accurately. Over the years, computers parts also have a lifespan, and so they do wear and tear. You will never know if one day those electronic components may decided to malfunction and give you some erroneous results. This is could be a result of memory failure. In addition, when a user purchases a new computer system, the new system arrives, though promised to have undergo rigorous testing, might have missed out vital testings on your memory part. So, it may have left you wondering why should a new system fails?

That’s where MemTest comes into place. This can be used to check your hardware components, even when things are working fine. If they do, you are a happy person. However, if one day if it doesn’t pass the test, you will also be lucky, since you got an early warning as you have been doing tests on the system. Finally you have to quickly make a decision to repair or replace the faulty component parts. MemTest does the diagnostic for you. It’s a simple task, but it may save you from headache and problems over time.

When do you run MemTest? Anytime. Yes, you can run it when you purchase a new personal computer, or when you install a new memory chip, or even when you change some configuration in the BIOS, such as overclocking your motherboard or processor. It is useful, particularly when you are someone who is looking to push your processor to the limit, where read-write operations may tend to fail due to system instability at extreme high speed.

Thus, a useful utility tool, anytime, any day. Download MemTest 3.5 and use it now.

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