October 10th, 2006 by Keith

Microsoft Windows XP SP 1 Support Ends

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Microsoft Windows XP

This is not any new software, but rather an annoucement to all fellow SoftSift readers. Today, October 10, 2006, Microsoft has officially declared that Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) will no longer be supported. While Microsoft only guarantees support service pack for 12 months after its release, SP1 has been supported for over two years, considering that Service Pack 2 (SP2) was released two years in August.

While SP1 was introduced in late 2002, most of the features covers improved security and performance enhancement; mostly bug fixes. In a single installation of over 130MB in size, one particular application include their very own Microsoft virtual machine (VM), but at that time had a clash with Sun Microsystems’ Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and was forced to withdraw its Microsoft VM from all proceeding operating systems.

Since SP2 was released, Microsoft continues to support SP1. Finally, after several years, the support has ended. If you are still running SP1, it will be important to note that it is best you upgrade to SP2. The latter service pack contains more security protections, such as its own firewall (basic). However, some other functionalities were limited, such as TCP connections were restricted to a maximum of only 10, whereas SP1 does not have such restriction.

Upgrading to SP2 is advised, because that’s where you get supports from Microsoft, which will just continuously keep patching your system…

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