October 7th, 2006 by Keith

Mozilla SunBird 0.3 RC2 – Standalone Calendar

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Mozilla Sunbird

Most of us may have heard of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. However, how many does actually knows about Mozilla Sunbird. Well, if you don’t know, it’s time for you to know what it is, because I expect it to take the world by storm, the way Firefox break its way into the browser market.

Mozilla Sunbird is actually a redevelopment of the Mozilla Calendar extension, and its aim is to produce a standalone calendar application that is cross-platform, one that is usable across all operating systems; the way Firefox and Thunderbird do. Based on Mozilla’s XUL user interface language, Mozilla Sunbird is current at version 0.3 RC2. Meanwhile, “Sunbird” is project name and is not official, so you might expect it to be different in the future.

Targeting at Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird users, Mozilla Sunbird hopes to bring the integrability with these applications, yet focusing solely to operate as a standalone calendar. Note that, Sunbird is still in development stage, it is not recommended on production machines.

Download Link
Mozilla Sunbird 0.3 RC2

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