October 6th, 2006 by Keith

Nightly Tester Tools – Makes all plugins compatible with Firefox 2.0

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Nightly Tester Tools

Nightly Tester Tools is a Firefox plugin which allows user to install Firefox 2.0, yet ensure backward compatible with all plugins, that is supposed to be working only with earlier versions of Firefox, e.g. Firefox 1.5.

This lovely extension introduces a couple of usefulness for users who like to test nightly builds (usually unstable versions) of Firefox, Thunderbird and Application Suite. Currently, the Nightly Tester Tools extension supports on branch builds of both Firefox and Thunderbird.


  • * Allows you to force the application to believe an extension is compatible with the current version and enable it.
  • * Allows copying the build identifier and a list of installed extensions to the clipboard.
  • * Adds a toolbar button to let you insert the build identifier into the current text box (Not supported in the Application Suite).
  • * Lets you customise the title bar to include the build identifier and other information.
  • * Provides talkback integration allowing you to quickly view recent incidents as well as a sidebar that shows all incidents still on your machine (you may be surprised at just how many there are).
  • * Adds a simple interface for parsing nspr log files for leaks.
  • * Lets you take a screenshot of any open window and save it as an image, copy it to the clipboard or submit it to Imageshack (not yet fully functional in cairo builds).

Latest Change Log for Version 1.2

  • Screenshot support now includes timed capture and allows copying the image to the clipboard. Removed extension installation support in favour of a simple preference in the settings to allow all incompatible extensions.

Download Link:
Nightly Tester Tools 1.2

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