October 3rd, 2006 by Keith

nLite 1.2 RC

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The name may sound strange, but nLite 1.2 RC is an awfully powerful tool for your Windows. It has a Graphical User Interface presentable for permanent Windows component removal by your choice.

After the removal, there is an option for users to create bootable image, ready for burning onto CD. Alternatively, you may test the image on virtual machine. In another word, with nLite, users should be able to have a Windows installation CD which on installation doesn’t install, or even contain on CD, unwanted components.

This software does seem complicated at first, and it is also not east to install, particularly when involving several setup files to be edited carefully without interfering with the fundamental components needed by Windows.

Sounds complicated still? In simple terms,…

For example, if you want to remove Windows components such as Media Player, Internet
Explorer, Windows Messenger…. and so on, in the first place, you shouldn’t be installing them. However, it’s impossible to do so with Windows installation setup, when everything is automated.

Therefore, nLite is a tool which allows you to permanently remove those Windows components by creating another CD image, and then run Windows installation with that image burned onto a CD. The new Window systems will be without those unwanted Windows components.

So, you get it now?

Software Requirement: .NET Framework 2.0


  • - Service Pack Integration
  • - Component Removal
  • - Unattended Setup
  • - Driver Integration *
  • - Hotfixes Integration **
  • - Tweaks
  • - Services Configuration
  • - Patches ***
  • - Bootable ISO creation

Download Link:
nLite 1.2 RC [1.68MB]

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