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Pi Test 1.0 – Pi Calculation Software

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Pi Test

Most of us will probably not find this Pi Test 1.0 Utility useful, and I truly agree with you if you think so. When you have a computer systems, or even a calculator, pressing a few keys will instantly generate the floating point mathematical value of pi to a degree of precision, defined by the number of decimal places. And when in academic field, how often would one really sees it as a problem. Well, no.

On the other hand, there will probably be a small handful of people, probably you reading this right now, may be interested, how much, or how far can I really stretch the value of pi? Can you system be able to calculate pi to 100th, 1000th or even 1 million-th decimal point?

By using Pi Test 1.0, your system uses the CPU to calculate the floating point value of pi to a large number of decimal places, as much as you need. It is not done by reading off any script or stored database. In another word, you are testing how fast your system can really calculate the value of pi to an extremely high level of precision!

With such capability, it can be used as computer benchmarking tool, to test the speed of the server, desktops or laptops, the speed of the processor, normally forcing the computer above limit (which means you’ll experience 100% CPU usage for that processor performing the calculation).

Note that all calculation used in Pitest is not optimized for any cpu manufacturer, nor anything else – its all just very basic calculations to get pi decimals and to get cpu working hard that time.

The speed test consists of three parts:

  1. heavy integer calculation part that calculates first 10000 pi decimals using only integer math with called machin’s formula,
  2. leibniz serie part that uses only floating points in pi calculation and
  3. monte carlos estimate calculation part with enough iteration cycles
  4. anonymous very basic floating point pi calculation routine (if i remember correctly, this was introduced in some intel optimization source example).

If you are interested to check your answer, you can find out from this site, the first 20,000 decimal places of pi.

So, download Pi Test 1.0 today and crunch your machine!

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