October 8th, 2006 by Keith

Pligg Beta 8 – Works like Digg (Content Management Systems)

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When it comes to content management softwares, which are the few applications that might come into mind? Drupal, for instance? However, what about Digg.com? Is there any content management applications that works like Digg? Well, there wasn’t, but now there is!

Pligg Beta 8, I believe got its name from Digg, offers a content management style the way Digg does on its site. As no content management systems is going to offer a perfect experience for all user, the internet would be just everything about your own, why not offer users or subscribers a chance for them to make the site look different? Pligg’s dynamic structure offers users a quick method to customise their sites, acting as a framework for several other sites whom Pligg can add some touches to.

Also, Pligg is a unique, one of a kind content management systems, compared to other applications, is because if its flexibility to design anything the web developer like to. A person needs little knowledge about PHP and MySQL just to install it, and administer the site.

So, if you are consider which Content Management Systems to use, you should consider Pligg today.

Pligg is unique compared to most other content management systems because of it’s flexibility. A web designer can do pretty much anything with Pligg because the software was designed to be used in as many ways as possible. Not only can a person with very little knowledge of PHP and MySQL install it, but they can modify and administer it with relatively little difficulty. For those who have a greater understanding of web languages, Pligg can act as the first step in a highly customized personal content management system.”

Want to check out a DEMO? There is a demo site set up for you and another one here as well.

If there are some queries, feel free to check out the Pligg Blog Site, with some latest news and updates. And if you’d like to chat and discuss with other Pligg users, try the Pligg forum.

Eric Heikkinen, Pligg Web Director, has done excellent to develop this Content Management Systems that a lot of web developers are looking for, including myself. There is a growing demand for Digg-like management web sites, and I see Pligg heading in the right direction.

A recent version of PHP and MySQL. You must be able to access a MySQL database for storing data.

Download Link:
Pligg Beta 8

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