October 14th, 2006 by Keith

W.Bloggar 4.00.0193 – Weblog client for Windows

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These few days, I have been really fascinated by Weblog clients, applications that utilises XML-RPC functionalities to publish your posts online. Yesterday, I have introduced about BloGTK 1.1, a Linux version of Weblog client. Though it is no problem using that when running Linux, but when it comes to Windows, BloGTK is no longer supported. Thus, I have to search for alternatives.

From WordPress website, there are a couple of recommendations, but none really suits my needs. Ecto captures my eyes, but it requires .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed into Windows before I could use that. Refusing to succumb to any .NET installation, I decided to look around again. Finally, I bumped onto w.bloggar.

W.Bloggar 4.00 is the latest version, released on March 2006. Not quite a late release, but compared to several other compatible Weblog clients, it is possibly one of the best available. Supporting a huge range of sites, including by not limited to WordPress, Drupal, b2evolution, Blogger, and even more.


  • # Post and Publish on most blogs/cms tools and services
  • # Edit Posts and Templates
  • # Save Posts locally for further publishing
  • # Import Text files
  • # Add links and images
  • # Format text font and alignment
  • # Multiple accounts and blogs
  • # Post preview
  • # Colorized HTML code
  • # HTML tags menu
  • # Find/Replace option
  • # Post to many blogs
  • # Title and Category Fields
  • # Spell Checking
  • # File and Image Upload
  • # Custom Tags Menu
  • # Toolbar Icons Skin
  • # Supports Windows XP
  • # Support to the advanced MovableType options New!
  • # Add Account Wizard New!
  • # Support to Multiple Categories New!
  • # Option to XHTML compliance New!
  • # Import and Export Settings New!
  • # Ping to Weblogs.Com, blo.gs, Technorati and ping-o-matic New!
  • # No Spyware!
  • # No Nag Screens!
  • Users can select multiple categories from the application. Posting and Publishing the post is simply by a click on a button. If you have multiple sites, W.Bloggar supports multiple accounts too. What’s amazing, you can make a single post and publish to multiple sites! There is also a preview panel that shows you how your post might look like before publishing. All sounds very tempting, isn’t it? Unfortunately, one of the drawback from using W.Bloggar is that uploading images is by way of FTP. If you are always creating and writing blogs, and your sites support XML-RPC, you should get a Weblog client, and W.Bloggar is one you should consider.

    Download Link:
    W.Bloggar 4.00

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